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Architecture & Interior Design

Integrated planning involves managing and working on a range of multidisciplinary projects at the same time. A balanced approach has a dominant influence on an implementation of sustainable architecture and successful completion of a design process.

Landscape Planning

Landscape architecture services comprise a site planning, environmental restoration and green space system planning. The primary purpose is developing flexible and unique solutions with essential ideas concentrated around achieving an unity.

Historic Preservation

Monumental buildings need permanent conservation methods combined with an awareness of factors prolonging their existence. Precise restoration projects require a comples knowledge in fields of science, art and crafts, and a collaboration of skillful experts.

Featured Projects

The section contains the most recent architectural projects represtenting visual and technical aspects of our professional interest and activity.
We also invite you to read the relevant information about our design priorities. Please review our Portfolio.
If you have already identified your guiding idea, please don’t hastitate to contact us. We can help you to develop your featured proposal from an implementation to a compilation.